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Seekordses Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio kevadetenduses lähevad kaks linnalast lühipuhkusele maale vanaisa juurde, et veeta seal paar seiklusterohket päeva! Mida põnevat nad koos oma taaduga ette võtavad, selgub Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio etenduses „Taadule külla!“

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18. detsembril kell 19.00 toimub Tallinna Jaani kirikus Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio kooride jõulukontsert! Esinevad meie noorem mudilaskoor, mudilaskoor, lastekoor ja tütarlastekoor!

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ETV Lastekoor läheb tuurile ning annab koos Liisi Koiksoni ja muinasjutuvestja Piret Pääriga Tallinnas (04.12), Tartus (05.12), Pärnus (06.12) ja Jõhvis (07.12) kokku 4 muinasjutulist kontserti!


Kõrgel mäeharjal seisab lumeveski, kus elavad lumemöldrid Koku, Oku ja Toku. Kuna talv on kohe käes, siis peaksid nad käivitama lumeveski, mis maa valge lumevaibaga kataks, aga lumeveski ei tööta ja lund ei tule ega tule… Timbu-Limbut teeb selline olukord väga murelikuks, kuna ilma lumeta ei saa ju tali ja jõulud tulla! Mis küll toimub seal kaugel Lumeriigis ning kas sel aastal jääbki lumi tulemata?

 (Children Music Studio by Estonian Television) in a musical performance Expecting Christmas in Santa’s Village

It’s one month to Christmas and Santa’s Village is busier than ever. Nothing can be left to the last minute. The most important task is operation “Sock”, which needs to be successfully completed. Also, dwarfs need to be trained to pry, write letters and guide the reindeer! And the presents need to be made! In the midst of all that fuss Snowman makes an interesting proposal to Nana, and Santa wakes up to find his coat two sizes too small. And there is always a Wicked Witch who hates Christmas. But the very last day of November is the most important day in Santa’s Village as it is the birthday of dwarf-babies!

In supporting roles 3-16 year olds from the Children Music Studio.


Snowman: ERIK LILL

Santa:  SANTA

Singing teachers: Külli Murand, Lii Leitmaa, Niina Esko, Silja Uhs and Õnne-Ann Roosvee

Dance teachers: Regina Rebane and Rauno Zubko

Design and animation: Anni ja Taavi Varm

Script: Eve Viilup

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Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio kontsertetendus

OH DEAR! or the world’s best Mother’s Day

LASTEEKRAANI MUUSIKASTUUDIO (Children Music Studio by Estonian Television) musical performance

Nokia Concert Hall
April 21, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

When there are more than 300 children in a family, it is perfectly
understandable that the mother needs help from a really
good nanny. However, finding a good nanny isn’t easy at all, making
Mrs. Rosabella almost give up all hope before a doorbell rings
on the eve of the Mother’s Day. A handsome young man on the porch
proclaims without much fuss that he has always dreamed of a
babysitter’s position in a really large family, and there’s no-one to
match him in the whole wide world.

The mother is attracted by the young man’s confidence, and not last,
by his good looks. With the kids also enchanted, she’s happy to leave
for work without a worry.

What it all will come to, is a story that can’t be retold. You just
have to see it!


In supporting roles: 3-16 year olds from the Children Music Studio

Singing teachers: Lii Leitmaa, Külli Murand, Õnne-Ann Roosvee, Niina Esko, Silja

Dance teachers: Regina Rebane, Meeli Laidvee, Rauno Zubko

Photo art: Kristi Põder

Script and directing: Eve Viilup and Regina Rebane

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Music studio

LASTEEKRAANI MUUSIKASTUUDIO (Children Music Studio by Estonian Television)
UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador (since 2009)

Music director and conductor Lii Leitmaa (since 2004)
Director Eve Viilup

In 1990 Head of Children Program of Estonian Television Eve Viilup and music teacher Aarne Saluveer founded by Estonian Television Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio (Children Music Studio). Initially the studio comprised of 60 children at age 5 to 10. Under the lead of Aarne Saluveer this children’s choir has grown to be a recognized and high-level Estonian Television Girls Choir.
In 2000 the Choir School of Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio was founded. Today there are more than 400 pupils at age 3-18 at the Choir School and two high-level choirs: for children at age 7-10 Estonian Television Young Children Choir and and Estonian Television Concert Choir, where are singing the best young singers at age 10-18 who formerly sang in young children, children and youth choirs.

The concert choir practice 6-7 hours per week. Most of the choir members play musical instruments and attend voice placing, aerobics and dance classes.
The repertory includes spiritual and secular music of different ages, folk music and modern program of pop and jazz. The choir has collaborated with Estonian composers Veljo Tormis, Piret Rips, Rein Rannap, Priit Pajusaar and Tauno Aints. Much of the program is accompanied by showy stage movement and the choir has its own ensemble of violinists and a folk instrument orchestra.
These children have participated in several cultural programs of international conferences and symposiums, in Estonian Song and Dance Celebrations, made recordings for Estonian Television and Radio, given concerts in Estonian concert halls, churches, schools etc.
The singers of the choirs have participated in musicals “King and I” (1998) and “The Sound of Music” (2003) , “Les Miserables” (2007, Germany), in the choir of ballet by P. Tchaikovsky „The Nutcracker” at the Estonian National Opera (2006-2008) and in G. B. Pergolesi „Stabat mater” (2007,2008).
The soloists have been successful at the over- Estonian children’s song contests “Laulukarussell” (Singing Merry-go-round)

The choirs of LASTEEKRAANI MUUSIKASTUUDIO have won all choir contests in their categories held in Estonia since 1996:
1996, 2001, 2005 Estonian II, III and IV Children’s choirs’ competition-festival
1998, 2003, 2008 Estonian II, III and IV Young Children’s choirs’ competition-festival

2000 II Estonian Female Choirs’ Competition „Veljo Tormis 70”

2003 VIII International Choir Festival “Tallinn 2003” 1st place in children choirs category

2005 IX International Choir Festival “Tallinn 2005”- Children Choir- 1st place in the category of contemporary music

2008 VII Pärnu International Choral Festival- Youth Choir-Gold diploma at the folk song competition

2008 The Estonian Female Choirs’ Competition “Gustav Ernesaks 100” – Youth Choir – Gold diploma and 1st place

International projects, festivals and competitions:
1992 The UNICEF Danny Kaye International Children Awards in Hague (The Netherlands)

1992-2003 the Song Contests of the Nordic Countries in Salo (Finland) and Santa Claus Song Festivals in Rovaniemi (Finland)

1995 RAIUNO Eurovision Christmas Concert in Bologna (Italy)

1996 Eurovision Song Contest‘s Culture Program in Oslo (Norway)

1996 The International Cantonigros Choir Festival (Spain)

1997 Estonian Culture Week in New York

1997 Moscow’s 850th anniversary celebrations, the 17th World Children and Youth Film Festival Culture Program and the 2nd World People’s Music Festival in Moscow

1997 Members of the choirs performed with Michael Jackson during his concert in Tallinn (KING OF POP Michael Jackson History World Tour 1997)

1999 Children Choir won the International Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Competition in Pohlheim (Germany)

2001 XV Zoltan Kodaly International Children Choirs Festival in Komlo (Hungary)

2001 Girls Choir- winner of the 40th International Competition of Choral Music „C.A. Seghizzi” in Gorizia (Italy) : three 1st places, one 2nd place, the title of the best female choir and of the best choir in all categories

2001 Children Choir has been chosen to perform at “The World of Children Choirs in Vancouver (Canada) and at festival “Voices of Friendship” in Salt Lake City (USA)

2002 Girls Choir – nominated finalist “European Great Prize of Choral Music” in Arezzo (Italy)

2002 Children Choirs participated in “Europa Cantat Junior” in Namur (Belgium)

2002 Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn

2002 Girls Choir participated in XI International Choir Festival “La fabbrica del canto” (Italy)

2003 Girls Choir was invited as Special Guest Choir to perform on American Choral Directors Association’s National Convention in New York

2003 Children Choir won 2nd place at EBU Choir Competition “Let the Peoples Sing” in London

2004 Girls Choir won 2nd place in category polyphony and 3rd place in category folklore at “The 36th Tolosa Choral Contest” (Spain)

2004 Young Children Choir won the Silver Diploma at The Festival of Advent and Christmas Music Petr Eben´s Prize (they were the youngest one, as this festival was without age limit!) in Prague
2005 Children Choir won Gold A diplomas and 1st places in categories of youth choirs and folk-music and Grand Prix at international choral festival “A Voyage of Songs” in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia); the conductor of the choir Ms. Lii Leitmaa was nominated the best conductor at the festival

2006 Young Children Choir won Gold A diploma and 1st place in categories of children choirs and Gold B in folk- music (without age limit!) at international choral festival “Hong Kong 2006” in Hong Kong

2006 Children choir performs at Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn

2006 Children and Youth Choirs perform at the concert held in the honor of visiting Queen Elizabeth at Tallinn Town Hall Square

2007 Children’s and Youth Choirs perform at the concert held in the honor of visiting Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Tallinn Song Celebration Grounds

2007 Youth Choir won 1st place and Gold medal at XIII International Choral Competition of Sacred Music at XXV International Choral Festival of Preveza; Ms. Külli Kiivet was nominated the best conductor at the festival

2008 Children Choir participated in international festival “The 10th International Children and Youth Meeting for Future Europe” in Hungary

2008 Young Children Choir won gold medal and 1st place with 100 points from a maximum of 100 and title of absolute winner in the up to 12 year-old children choirs’ category at the 36th international choir competition “Festival of Songs Olomouc” in the Czech Republic

2009 Children choir’s concert tour to the Republic of South Africa

2009 Youth Choir won jury’s Grand Prix, best program and interpretation and compulsory song awards at the 45th international choir festival “Montreux Choral Festival 2009” (Switzerland)

2009 Youth Choir won 1st place in women choirs, 2nd place in folk song choirs and 4th place in youth choirs’ category and participated in “Choir of the World” title competition at the 63rd international choir festival “Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod” (Wales, GB)

2010 Young Children Choir-Champion of the World Choir Games 2010- they won gold medal and 1st place at the the Champions Competition of the 6th World Choir Games in Shaoxing (China) in the up to 12 years-old children choirs’ category and performed at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.

2011 10ème Rencontres Internationales de Choeurs d’Enfants (France)

Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio
Faehlmanni 12 Tallinn 15029