Art director and conductor LII LEITMAA



Lii Leitmaa (1962) graduated from Tallinn Music School of Georg Ots in conducting in 1981 and the Tallinn National Conservatory (prof. Ants Sööt) in conducting and music studies in 1986.
As a singer of the Tallinn Teachers’ Women’s Choir, Lii Leitmaa has achieved high places in competitions around the world: Debrecen, Arezzo, Llangollen, Tolosa, Porto Alegre and many others.
Lii Leitmaa has worked as the choirmaster of Tallinn Pedagogical University and a teacher of voice placing at Viljandi Culture Academy. Right now she is working in Tallinn Secondary School No 32 as a music teacher and in LasteekraanI Muusikastuudio as the music director and the head conductor of the children’s and young children’s choirs. Starting from 2005, she is a lector of choir methodology at Tallinn University.

In 2003, Lii Leitmaa was awarded the teacher of the year award. Outstanding results in her work with choirs, soloists and bands have brought first places at international and national competitions. She has participated as a conductor in numerous radio and television recordings in Estonia and abroad, also in many CDs recordings; conducted young children’s choirs at the Song Festivals in 2002, 2004 and 2007; belonged to the musical organisational committees of the national children’s singing competition “Laulukarussell” 1998-2006, “Laulukarussellike 2001” and new children’s songs competition “Lastelaul“ 2003,2005 and 2007.


The former Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio young children’s choir started in new line-up in autumn 2003 and with the new name ETV Young children’s choir in autumn 2004. In August 2006, the choir started its new season – now already as children’s choir. Today, 30 girls aged 13-17 sing in the ETV Children’s choir.

The Children’s choir repertoire includes the best of Estonian and world choir music, folk song arrangements and many new children’s songs. Much of the programme is accompanied by showy stage movement and the choir has its own ensemble of violinists and a folk instrument orchestra. The choir participates in numerous concert projects and gives over 30 concerts a season.

The choir has performed many Estonian composers’ (Piret Rips, Priit Pajusaar, Tauno Aints etc.) new work, given concerts with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra , Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra, XXI Century Orchestra and Police Orchestra, also performed with recognised conductors and interpreters (Eri Klas, Erki Pehk, Jüri-Ruut Kangur, Mihhail Gerts, Toomas Torop and the ensemble “Virre”, Piret Rips, Tõnis Mägi, Tõnis Kõrvits, Andreas Lend, Urmas Lattikas, Margus Kappel, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Ivo Linna, Jassi Zahharov, Gerli Padar, Birgit Õigemeel, Uku Suviste, Kristjan Kasearu etc.).

The choir’s soloists have participated in musicals “The king and I” (1998, Tallinna Linnahall), “The Sound of Music” (2003, Tallinna Linnahall) and “Les Miserables” (Germany 2007), been successful in Estonia’s biggest children’s singing competition “Laulukarussell” and recorded several new children’s songs records.


  • 2004 Pesapuu (Best songs of the year)
  • 2004 Tähtsad numbrid (Important Numbers) ( in cooperation with the Police Orchestra)
  • 2004 ETV Young children’s choir promotional CD
  • 2005 Hõissa, Walpurgi öö! ((Yey, Walburg night!)
  • 2005 Priit Pajusaare lastelaulud (Priit Pajusaar`s Children’s Songs)
  • 2006 ETV Young children’s Choir promotional -CD II
  • 2006 Väikese viguriga lastelaulud (Children’s Songs with a Little Wile)
  • 2007 Priit Pajusaare talve- ja jõululaulud (Priit Pajusaar`s Winter and Christmas Songs)
  • 2007 Pisipäkast päkapikuks -Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio talve- ja jõululaule 
  • 2003-2007 (Lasteekraan Music Studio`s winter and Christmas songs from 2003-2007)
  • 2008 Ilus aeg: Birgit Õigemeel, Uku Suviste ja ETV Lastekoor (Beautiful Time: Birgit Õigemeel, Uku Suviste and ETV Children`s choir)
  • 2008 Hiigelsoojad pilvelambad (Mighty Warm Cloud Sheep) 12 Priit Pajusaar’s songs to Evelin Samuel’s lyrics
  • 2009 ETV Children’s choir promotional-CD
  • 2009 Priit Pajusaare parimad lastelaulud (Priit Pajusaar’s Best Children’s Songs)


  • 2005 Promotional DVD ETV
  • 2004 and 2005 Christmas programmes “Mille cherubini” (A Thousand Angels) and “Hingevalgus” (Light of Soul) (Priit Pajusaar’s holiday music)
  • 2007 Oh seda Jõuluvana! (Oh Santa!)
  • 2009 Promotional- DVD with Lasteekraani Muusikastuudio 20th season opening concert “The Right to Be a Child”

Programmes on ETV

  • 2004-2008 “Laulukarussell”
  • “Children’s song” 2003, 2005, 2007
  • 2002 Eurovision Song Contest final concert in Tallinn
  • 2004 December 24, Christmas concert “Mille Cherubini” (A Thousand Angels)
  • 2005 December 24, Christmas concert “Hingevalgus” (Light of Soul)
  • 2007 musical production “Oh seda jõuluvana! ” (Oh, Santa!)
  • 2008 concert production “Minu kodu laul” (Song of my home)
  • 2009 concert production “Miks see päike naerab! ” Parts I, II (Why is the sun laughing!)
  • 2009 December 24 Christmas concert “Lumeliblikate lend” (Flight of Snow Butterflies)
  • Concert tours
Finland (2003), Prague (2004), Hong Kong (2006), Hungary (2008), South-Africa (2009)