OH DEAR! or the world’s best Mother’s Day

LASTEEKRAANI MUUSIKASTUUDIO (Children Music Studio by Estonian Television) musical performance

Nokia Concert Hall
April 21, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

When there are more than 300 children in a family, it is perfectly
understandable that the mother needs help from a really
good nanny. However, finding a good nanny isn’t easy at all, making
Mrs. Rosabella almost give up all hope before a doorbell rings
on the eve of the Mother’s Day. A handsome young man on the porch
proclaims without much fuss that he has always dreamed of a
babysitter’s position in a really large family, and there’s no-one to
match him in the whole wide world.

The mother is attracted by the young man’s confidence, and not last,
by his good looks. With the kids also enchanted, she’s happy to leave
for work without a worry.

What it all will come to, is a story that can’t be retold. You just
have to see it!


In supporting roles: 3-16 year olds from the Children Music Studio

Singing teachers: Lii Leitmaa, Külli Murand, Õnne-Ann Roosvee, Niina Esko, Silja

Dance teachers: Regina Rebane, Meeli Laidvee, Rauno Zubko

Photo art: Kristi Põder

Script and directing: Eve Viilup and Regina Rebane

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Information available on +372 5090655 and at www.muusikastuudio.ee